Review: Free Resume Builder helps you create a professional resume

Leave a lasting impression with a professional resume created with Free Resume Builder.

Free Resume Builder makes it easy to organize and create resumes in seven, easy-to-follow steps. The resume it gives you is well formatted and will include all the necessary details you need. However, since there are zero ways you can customize it, the final output might not be as impressive as you'd want.

The download comes with a custom installer and a few junk programs and toolbars, which you can easily decline. For what it's worth, the program, itself, installs really quickly. Free Resume Builder gives you a step-by-step guide to completing your resume, which is really easy to follow and navigate. It won't let you advance until you've inserted enough information in each category. It has all the expected categories like experience, school history and even a slot for an objective. Once you're done filling out your information, you can export it as a PDF or a DOC file. The downside of this program is that there is no option to change the way your resume looks, so the final product might not wow you.

Free Resume Builder performs a single task but it does so without any bugs. The final product is not breathtaking but it will suffice if you're looking for a basic and quick solution for creating a functional resume. If it only let you choose some of the graphic elements that went into your final copy, it would be a real winner.

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