Review: Use Clean Space to add more space to your hard drive

Choose exactly which files and items to clean from your computer with Clean Space.

Clean Space removes unwanted files and processes from your hard drive in order to protect your privacy, add more space, and clean up unneeded garbage. The program's evaluation version does not allow the use of all features during the seven-day period. It does allow standard deletion, however, of whatever files you choose to clean from your computer.

Clean Space comes in a quite comprehensive and informative package. The program will list the files it can clean, application by application. Therefore, if you want to erase temporary files only in Windows, but not in any of the browsers, you can choose to do that. In fact, you can choose specific applications and pick and choose what type of garbage or files to dispose of from those applications. For example, you can delete or clear the RSS feeds cache, the prefetch files, the recent wallpapers list, and the game statistics file. For IE you can delete your cookies, clear history, clear DOM storage and recovery cache, clear auto-complete data, and clear any saved log-ins or passwords. The program scans these various areas, tells you how many files are involved, how many registry keys are occupied, and how much space these disposable files take in memory. Additionally, there is a built-in task manager to help you view the processes running when you are cleaning your computer. The program also allows you, if you register and pay, to choose from various types of deletion protocols.

Clean Space would be difficult for novices, but would be good for an intermediate to advanced user who knows what they want to get rid of.

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