Review: WiFi Photo Transfer streamlines transferring images

Download your images quickly and easily from phone to desktop with this remote iOS app.

WiFi Photo Transfer makes the process of moving images between iPhone and desktop as easy as a few quick clicks, streamlining a once-frustrating process. For whatever reason, moving images between an iOS device and your computer has long been an unnecessarily complicated process. For those with a Mac it was okay, but for PC-users, in iTunes, it required a third-party software or direct transfer of the images. WiFi Photo Transfer removes that extra layer of difficulty and allows you to move photos with a few, easy-to-follow steps.

WiFi Photo Transfer makes it possible to bypass transfer issues and simply access your images via a Web browser and download them to your desktop. The app doesn't do a lot other than show you what IP address to type into your browser. When you do, a screen will appear with all of your images broken down by event and album. Tap on any one album or image and you can download a ZIP of everything in there. This all happens on your Wi-Fi network, so you'll need to be connected through both your iPhone and computer to the same network over a router.

For anyone that has had difficulty getting photos off of an iPhone before, WiFi Photo Transfer makes it relatively easy. While some tech savvy is needed, the instructions are clear and the download process is fast. Download the app today and finally make the transfer process a lot easier than the copy-and-paste methods you've been using.

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