Review: SpeakText for eBook loads and reads out eBook files on your phone

Enter or load text into this iOS app for accurate text-to-speech conversion.

SpeakText for eBook is another in a long line of SpeakText apps that offer a useful text-to-speech tool in a dated and often confusing interface. While the core functionality of the app works well, it is often frustratingly hard to navigate and there are a number of limitations that will make the app less useful in certain situations.

There are two functions in SpeakText for eBooks. You can load an eBook into the app directly, choosing from anything in your documents folder, or you can type text into the interface and it will be read by the system voice. Both work well and quickly, adding some interesting functionality to your phone. Because the developer releases so many versions of their apps, however, SpeakText for eBooks only works with eBooks and custom text. For other documents or copy-paste methods, you'll need a separate app. Additionally, the interface in SpeakText is generally unrefined, hard to navigate, and unresponsive--all issues that undermine the general usefulness of the app.

Because the app is free, it has a number of restrictions, and a relatively high price point for upgrade. If you need a basic text-to-speech tool for short passages, the free version will serve you well; but over time, it won't hold up to heavy use and the paid upgrade may be necessary.

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