Review: Relayin Contact manages contacts in the cloud for convenience

Scan and add contacts to the cloud for easy, efficient access.

Relayin Contact makes contact management faster, easier, and more intuitive thanks to cloud storage and automatic updates. While it is not perfect by any means and the overall performance and navigation of the interface leave some things to be desired, Relayin Contact works fairly well and can greatly reduce the need for business cards and other contact management apps.

Relayin Contact relies on a cloud-based contact database where names and contact information are uploaded by other users. In some ways this creates a very useful tool that can streamline finding and adding contacts to your Rolodex. In other ways, it is a limited tool because of the small install base of Relayin Contact users. Nonetheless, even with a limited user base, Relayin Contact makes scanning, adding, and managing contacts very easy. For those that use the app successfully, business cards become much less necessary when sharing contact information. Contacts can be added via QR code scanner or by searching the online database. You can also add new ones, manually, and all can be added to groups or managed from the central screen.

Relayin Contact is a great idea in a not quite fully developed package. Without recent updates and a large user base, it is in sore need of an upgrade and a boost in adoption; but even still it works quite well for basic contact management. Should the community around this app grow, it should become a powerful tool for frequent networkers.

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