Review: Old Fart Booth gives you a peek into the future

Rapid age your photos with this face-altering iPhone app.

Old Fart Booth is far from the only photo modification app on the App Store, nor is it the best; but with a sleek interface and impressive effects, it can be a lot of fun to play with. Using facial matching technology and what appears to be a very sophisticated filter, Old Fart Booth presents realistic images of what you or your friends could look like in old age. The results may be a bit disturbing, but are also very entertaining.

When you open Old Fart Booth for the first time, you will need to sift through a fair number of ads and pop-ups, but after you reach the app's core interface there are no distractions. It will show you exactly how to line up someone's face (either your own or someone else's), including taking off any hats or glasses. It then asks you to move key indicators onscreen to where they are on someone's face and then does the conversion. The results are seemingly uncanny, and while it's impossible to know what someone will look like in old age, it sure looks convincing. Combined with fun additions like beards, hats, and other accessories, you can create some pretty funny pictures.

Old Fart Booth is fun to use, looks great, and while the ads and upgrade notifications slow down startup and can be intrusive, the overall effect is quite good when put into action.

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