Review: Learn Final Cut Pro X works as promised with some strict trial restrictions

Learn how to use the Mac's premier video editing software, with ease.

Learn Final Cut Pro X Free provides a number of lessons for how to use the Mac's premier video editing software; but with trial restrictions and lack of iPhone 5 support, the app has some issues. The core of the app, its educational lessons, are well designed, however, and because they load fast and download quickly from the server, it is possible to use them on the fly as you learn the software.

Developed by Mahalo, a popular online learning company, Learn Final Cut Pro X has a sleek interface, high-quality videos, and an intuitive interface. While the feature set is limited to some degree, the actual training materials are comprehensive and provide a nice overview of the Final Cut software. One concern, however, is the lack of iPhone 5 support, making an already small viewing space that much smaller and limiting how much text you can read at any given time. With text and video both onscreen together, this can make for some frustrating reading experiences if you prefer text over video training.

If you are learning Final Cut Pro X and need a mobile tool to help you check small issues or learn on the fly, this is a good app. The trial version only includes a handful of free chapters, but compared to the price of comparable video or text classes, it is well priced and loaded with useful tips.

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