Review: Inventory Tracker Lite simplifies some aspects of database creation

Create a small database of products or materials on your iPhone.

Inventory Tracker Lite provides a number of tools to enter and track items in a physical or online store on your iPhone, but provides too few features to make it a useful replacement for more robust desktop software. With a form loaded interface and no clear instructions or tutorial, it is also not a pick-up-and-use tool that can be put to immediate use in managing your business. As a result, what is a promising app proves to have few applicable uses beyond experimentation with mobile inventory management.

When first opened, you can start adding new items to the list immediately. Every detail you need to add is on one screen, including things like category, location, barcode, number bought and sold, etc. There is no Web integration here, so all of the data needs to be entered manually, but you can export your database at any time as a summary report or e-mail-ready file. The home screen does provide some useful filtering buttons, including ship and sell status, and the location or name of the items. If you run a small brick & mortar store with a limited number of items, it could be a useful app. The trial limits you to three products.

Unfortunately, because it lacks many of the more robust features of other inventory management systems, and doesn't integrate directly with desktop tools, Inventory Tracker Lite is an app with too many limitations, and not enough features to warrant heavy use for actual tracking.

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