Review: Instapicframe generates framed and Instagram-ready photos

Create framed photos and Instagram-ready images from your Facebook or Photo Library images.

Instapicframe generates framed photos and other effects for Instagram, but due to a convoluted menu system and poorly-labeled home screen, it is often unnecessarily hard to use. Buttons are located in three different places, only some are labeled, and the process of actually creating and sharing an image takes much longer than should be necessary.

When you open Instapicframe for the first time you must create a project. Once you do, you will be able to choose from various frame options and then add images to those frames. Image options include images on your phone or those on your Facebook account. You can also add clip art shapes from the app's library to change the shape of the background. The menus are small and hard to manipulate, but the number of options is welcome. Changing frames is also quick and the image adding process has minimal lag. Image effects are limited beyond the framing, but when done you can share to Instagram or save to your device, again relatively quickly. The speed is what makes Instapicframe an app worth considering. Poor interface notwithstanding, it works quite well at what it does.

Instapicframe gets many things right, but has some issues when it comes to usability. From small buttons, poor labeling, and strange placement to the prevalence of ads, including pop-ups and video ads that interrupt your work, Instapicframe can be frustrating to use. If you are patient, however, this free app can help you create some attractive images for your Instagram account.

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