Review: iMajiCam makes your videos and images more interactive

Take photos and videos through real-time, active filters.

iMajiCam does something the vast majority of image and video editors don't and shows you exactly how the content will be edited in real time. The result is a jarringly effective image and video editor with a number of features that give you much greater control over how your final creations look. While the interface is cluttered and some functions will slow the app down quite a bit, overall it is very well made.

When you first open iMajiCam, you'll notice the sheer volume of onscreen buttons. From a slide-out left menu with different app modes (of which there are four) to the live photo screen where you can change effects, add onscreen effects, switch between camera and video camera and much more, this app has a lot to it. Most of these functions work as advertised, showing you onscreen exactly how the alterations affect your images, most of the time with very little or no lag. The number of filters is limited compared to some other photo editing apps, but they are split into different categories, which makes navigation slightly easier.

iMajiCam is a smart idea with a handful of performance issues that most people will be able to overlook. While the menus take some time to get used to and the ads can at times overlap the controls, the overall usefulness of this app is immediately apparent, making it a fun, effective tool. If you are looking for a real-time video editing tool, this is a great one to download and experiment with for free.

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