Review: iCarousel places thousands of images at your fingertips

Find images quickly and search through them on your iPhone.

iCarousel offers a quick, intuitive image search tool for your iPhone that takes only moments to set up and that works instantly for any search. The interface is designed to resemble the carousel-style sliders in iOS, but ironically loads and moves faster than most of the apps Apple integrates this feature into. The result is a fun-to-use app that has a number of instantly accessible uses.

iCarousel is a relatively feature-bare app. When it opens, select your search term and hit the button to populate a carousel of images. It takes only a second or so for the carousel to load and we noticed almost no slowdown between search and the slide animation. You can change a handful of features such as black and white vs. color images, the size of the images, and safe search. For any one image, if you tap it, it will download the full-size image and you can either download it or copy it for use in your images. All of this happens quickly, and while its search options are limited and features are non-existent beyond core searches, what it does, it does very well.

If you want a faster, easier-to-use image searching tool than what you'll find with Google Images or the like, try iCarousel. It works extremely well to populate and display images you can use on the fly. Keep in mind, of course, that copyrights are not displayed or mentioned in the app and all images are presumably only for personal use.

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