Review: Gif Magic converts videos and stills to animated GIFs for easy sharing

Create your own gifs quickly and easily with this intuitive iPhone app.

Gif Magic capitalizes on the surge of interest in GIF animations in recent months, allowing you to make the short animations on your phone in just a few seconds. While the app has certain limitations, the resulting GIFs are spot on, providing the kind of short bursts of animation that go over great on social networks.

The core function of Gif Magic is to convert still photos or video into animated GIFs. You can either record a new video, which will then be converted instantly to a GIF, or you can choose a video or still images in your photo library to be converted. The process is very quick and while the interface is a bit messy, it is easy to find what you are looking for. Saving is a bit slow but you can share directly to Facebook, through your photo library or via any other share-supporting services on your phone. This is a quick and easy process from start to finish, and while it's not as polished or powerful as Vine, the results are comparable.

If you want to make short, animated GIFs on your phone, GIF Magic is a good app with which to do so. It's not the most powerful GIF creator on the App Store, but it works well with the images and videos you already have. Trial restrictions keep your GIFs short but there are not quality or watermark issues, making it a fully functional free app, and a good one to dip your toe in when it comes to GIFs.

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