Review: Dots offers a unique twist on Match 3 gameplay

Connect the dots in this Match 3-style puzzler that is just compelling enough to stand on its own.

Dots is a very attractive and ultimately fun twist on the classic Match 3 genre of mobile games. Using familiar tropes such as the 60-second time limit, high score tracking, and multicolor game board, it's immediately accessible, but just different enough to be engaging beyond the initial playthrough.

As expected, Dots places dots onscreen in a number of colors. You have to drag your finger across them in order to take them off the screen. The five-second tutorial covers this nicely and prepares you for the 60-second high score run. Try to match as many adjacent dots as you can in just 60 seconds and land a high score at or better than your previous scores or those of other Dots users or your friends on Facebook or Twitter. While you won't see any five- or six-digit high scores (the peak appears to be 799), it is a very engaging experience, stripped down to its basics and without too much pomp or circumstance.

If you are looking for a basic, visually-appealing alternative to other Match 3-style games, Dots is worth checking out. Free and loaded with features, it is an enjoyable experience for anyone that has played their way through other puzzlers and wants something easier to zone out with at the end of a long day.

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