Review: Caption Photo Time offers numerous features but operates slowly

Take photos and tag them with captions with this ambitious but uneven photo app.

Caption Photo Time tries to bridge the gap between photo taking, sharing, and captioning, but due to a poor interface, slow performance and buggy controls, it falls short in many ways. The app is loaded with features, but many of them were buggy during our tests, either not working properly or taking a long time to load onscreen.

When you load Caption Photo Time, initially, it prompts you to load or take a new image and then add a caption. Without onscreen guides or tutorials, however, finding the menus can be difficult. Even when you do find the menus, they don't always work as they seem they should. Changing colors, for example, only worked half of the time, while moving images added to the photo was hit or miss. The largest problem, however, was general lag between selection of any one option and the effect appearing onscreen. Captions work well enough, but other effects like font changes, color changes, or photo edits are almost always on a short delay.

Because Caption Photo Time promises to provide a fairly straightforward function and doesn't perform as advertised, we don't recommend it for your captioning or photo editing needs. There are many other apps that perform better with additional features.

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