Review: CamStar offers dozens of live photo filters that create impressive images

Snag your photo with one of numerous filters in this robust, real-time photo snapping app.

CamStar feels like many other filter apps, at first glance, but with real-time filtration, dozens of options, and a split screen display feature, it is actually a very good technical tool. The core function of CamStar is to take filtered photos. The developers clearly focused heavily on this as there are few other tools for editing those photos. Share functions might be hidden and the overall interface looks unpolished, but the core app is well built through and through.

When you first open CamStar, you can take a photo with its basic old-time style filter. However, if you tap the option for other filters, you can choose from nearly 50 different options. They display onscreen four at a time, Andy Warhol-style, all with live display. Considering the lag you can get in other photo apps with one filter onscreen, it's actually very impressive. The resulting images also look quite good, and if you open any photo after it's taken, you can share it with anyone on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the tap of a button. While many functions are hidden and the app doesn't look all that great, the resulting images are amazing.

CamStar is an app that shows that the packaging is not always an accurate representation of performance. It works extremely well for photo captures and filtering for use in other apps like Instagram or Facebook.

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