Review: Cam++ Love Photo Frames instantly converts photos

Take or insert photos from your device into love-themed frames.

Cam++ Love Photo Frames provides a number of attractive frames, but a poorly designed interface and strict trial restrictions makes using them unnecessarily difficult. While the basic features of the app work as advertised, they never overcome the slow load and save times, lack of general options, and repeated pop-ups that detract from the overall experience.

When you open Cam++ Love Photo Frame for the first time, you can take and add a photo to your frames quickly and fairly easily. Tap a frame, choose a photo, and you have a finished product. However, because of the size of these frames, the lack of editing options and the slow load times, finding the right photo and getting it centered just right can be a very frustrating experience, ultimately taking far more time than you would like. This would not be a major issue if it was not so hard to get things just right due to poor controls. Combined with the general performance issues and a lack of centralized navigation, the app is often very frustrating.

Another major concern with Cam++ is that there are only four frames available in the trial edition. For others, you'll need to pay for upgrade packages, which are hard to find and not always immediately apparent. Combined with the other pop-ups that appear whenever you change menu screens and the overall slow performance of the app, Cam++ is often more frustrating than rewarding.

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