Review: Cam++ Baby Photo Frames creates thematic baby photos

Move photos from your camera or library to baby-themed backgrounds.

Cam++ Baby Photo Frames provides a number of highly-thematic frames that you can use to match with images on your phone or those taken with your camera. The results, however, are not always attractive due to the small view window in most of the frames. With only a limited number of frames to choose from, an oddly restrictive search interface, and slow load and save times, the app can be more frustrating than rewarding to use.

Cam++ Baby Photo Frames is easy to use in your first run. Open it and you can choose a frame, snap a photo, and save. However, there is almost always a bit of lag between these steps, and the saving process can be long and slow. Additionally, the images are not scaled in any way and offer no options for scaling, so the frame in many cases will take up too much of the screen, leaving very little room for your baby's image. This alone would not be an issue if you could change the size of the frames or the images in them, but you cannot.

These are small concerns, but with only four frames to choose from in the trial version, a navigation menu that has no labels, and multiple pop-up screens for both other apps in the Cam++ series and the upgrade modules, the app is ultimately too frustrating to recommend as a replacement for any of the other framing apps on the App Store.

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