Review: Audio Memos Free provides a clean interface and basic recording tools

Record and save memos on your iPhone with this entry-level recording app.

Audio Memos Free is a fairly basic voice recorder without a lot of frills or added features, but with a solid, smooth performance that will work well for most casual users. Power users might want more, but the voice recording and editing functions here are all well-built and make for a solid, well-rounded, free app that outperforms many other free voice recorders, including the built-in tool that comes on all iPhones.

When you first open the app you can immediately start recording. You can change quite a few settings, as well, including the amplification, normalization, name, and quality of the audio file. Additionally, Audio Memos supports file server integration, allowing you to automatically upload all of your recordings to a server for which you have log-in information. These are all very useful features that can add depth to your recording experience, though most people will be perfectly happy with the clean interface and easy recording functions that are built into this app, as is.

Audio Memos Free is a very basic, stripped-down recording tool in its trial format. It works well but doesn't go above and beyond most users' expectations. The paid upgrade is loaded with additional features that many people will use eagerly, but if you only need a core voice recorder with a few more options than the one built into your phone, this is a good place to start.

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