Review: Air Keyboard converts your iPhone into a multifunction interface device

Control your Mac or PC with this easy-to-use wireless keyboard/mouse device.

Air Keyboard is a very useful app that can expand the functionality and control you have over your desktop or laptop computer with a few quick taps. It's not a perfect app, though. Setup can be a major headache and the performance can lag depending on the connection you have between phone and device; but when it is finally working properly, it's very handy.

After setting up Air Keyboard on both your phone and a desktop PC or Mac, you can turn both apps on and allow them to connect. This process can be finicky at times. There are times when it doesn't work properly and others when it does but disconnects periodically. The latter is less common, but it happened to us more than once during testing. When it works properly, however, you can use your phone as a touch pad or mouse for your computer, a far less expensive option than a magic mouse, and very portable. It's also an ad-hoc keyboard if you just need to tap in a few things really quickly. All of this is great if you are using a laptop plugged into a monitor or giving a presentation.

There are many uses for Air Keyboard and they all work quite well. The setup can be cumbersome and performance is not perfect; but when it works right, it is an incredibly useful app.

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