Review: Pro Photo Layout's obtrusive ad placement mars this photo editor

Don't bother with this faulty photo editor.

There are so many photo editors out there for your iPhone that it's hard to keep up--and we've tested a lot of them. There are many that proved to be powerful tools for customizing your iPhone pics; however, there are just as many that have failed to impress us. Sadly, Pro Photo Layout is yet another photo editor that falls in the latter category.

We realize that many free apps come with strings attached in the form of ads, but while some publishers are able to design around ads so that they are unobtrusive, others don't and the ads end up ruining what could otherwise be a decent app. Pro Photo Layout includes a banner ad at the bottom of the screen; however, the app's menu items reside just on top of the ad, making it really easy to accidentally tap it. We're not sure if the publisher meant to do this or not, but it was annoying nonetheless. Moving on, the app's navigation is pretty intuitive: Pick a template for housing your pictures, add your pictures to the template, add effects to each picture, and save. It sounds easy enough, but we had a lot of issues adding pictures to each square of the template. We had to tap each square several times for the app to pull up our Camera Roll to make a selection. Also, it didn't include the option of snapping a new picture. About the only good thing we have to say about Pro Photo Layout is that we were able to crop our picture, flip it, write on it, and adjust the colors without any issues.

The annoying ad placement, along with the photo placement glitch, made for a bad user experience. We recommend you skip this faulty photo editor for one that offers more features and better design.

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