Review: Easily record, save, and replay sound with RecordPad Sound Recorder

Use RecordPad Sound Recorder for Mac to quickly record any kind of voice presentation or audio message.

Fully utilized for voice recording, RecordPad Sound Recorder for Mac enables users to successfully record audio notes, interviews, announcements, or lectures. The application is available as free to try for 14 days with no apparent limitations.

During the installation of RecordPad Sound Recorder for Mac you will be prompted to download optional programs and an Internet browser toolbar, which you can easily opt out of. You should also uncheck the options to allow the program to change your default search engine and start page unless you would like it to. Once the program opens, you will be greeted with a rather intuitive user interface divided into two overall sections--Input and Output. The options for recording and playback are visible and the main menu offers links to recordings and preferences as well as the delete button. Under the Input tab you can choose the device that will be used for recordings. There are two options available--recording audio from a built-in microphone or recording audio played by the computer. For the latter you will need to download SoundTap, which is a separate application. During the download of this app you are prompted to install yet another toolbar, which you can, of course, decline, and a driver needed for this application to function. We tested both recording options and both showed excellent results. Under the Output tab in the UI you are also able to choose between WAV, MP3, and AIFF formats and the folder where you wish to save your recordings.

For users looking for a standalone voice recording tool, RecordPad Sound Recorder for Mac performs well and will complete the tasks, successfully. However, to use this application as a full sound recording application, users need to upgrade it with additional software available from the developer.

Editors' note: This is a review of the trial version of RecordPad Sound Recorder for Mac 4.19.

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