Review: Play the classic scrolling shooter game with Raiden Legacy

Enjoy a classic-style shoot'em up game, playing Raiden Legacy for Mac.

Raiden Legacy for Mac recreates a classic '90s gaming shoot 'em up experience. The game offers plenty of challenge and will surely keep fans of this old school arcade series busy for hours chasing the highest score.

Raiden Legacy for Mac comes with a free trial version with a 60-minute time limit. Installation required an extra step in the form of downloading a separate game store app, which extended the overall loading time. Once started, the initial menus were well thought out and easy to navigate. The user has the option of choosing between several versions of the game, but all ultimately had the same fast gameplay style. The game, itself, had rather old-school graphics, which emulated that of the original Raiden arcade series. The program is a two-dimensional vertical scrolling game where the user controls a plane to shoot and destroy enemies that appear from the top. The basic gameplay requires no instructions, but the keyboard layout is problematic, with some buttons being too close to each other. The second keyboard layout option helps somewhat.

Raiden Legacy for Mac could be a fun option for those looking for a game that recreates the play of an older, legacy gaming system. The game's difficulty is suitable for both the average as well as the more hardcore player.

Editors' note: This is a review of the trial version of Raiden Legacy for Mac 1.0.

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