Review: Tablacus Explorer brings much-needed tabs to your file menu

Explore your files quickly and easily with this tabbed file manager.

Tablacus Explorer offers a stylish, useful way to look at your files and doesn't have many drawbacks. It simply adds new features to the layout you're used to in order to make finding your files as easy and convenient as possible. You'll wish it was the default in Windows so you could use it all of the time.

This download borrows heavily from the default file explorer in Windows, but makes some much-needed changes. The most obvious of which are tabs, so you don't need to have a dozen explorer windows open at once. Thanks to softer, more modern lines, it sports a little more style, too. Opening files from Tablacus Explorer is just as fast as with any other file finder. The program occasionally crashes, but it's usually only when you have too many tabs open. Since it's an executable file, you can take it with you on a thumb drive, but be warned that your antivirus might flag it (unnecessarily). The program is customizable from downloadable layout extensions and other goodies.

Tablacus Explorer brings so much more style to your file explorer that it could become the only way you browse your files. It makes finding, organizing, and launching programs so much easier than anything Windows has to offer.

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