Review: Max Spyware Detector scans your computer for viruses and more

Scan and remove spyware from your computer with Max Spyware Detector.

Max Spyware Detector quickly scans your system to find and remove spyware. In addition to being a little expensive, this download is bloated and lacks some high-end performance when it comes to spyware blocking. For as huge as it is, it should be stocked with goodies, but instead it doesn't even offer active protection from viruses.

To call this download big would be an understatement. It checks in at about 182MB, which would take some time to download even on faster connections. It starts scanning automatically once you start the program, though. The download hogs most of your computer's processor when it's running a scan. It's almost impossible to do anything else with your computer. It scanned quickly during testing, checking in at about five minutes. However, to clean and use any of the advanced features in Max Spyware Detector, you have to upgrade to the full version. If you do, the program gives you the ability to schedule cleanings, eliminate rootkits, and optimize your computer's performance. However, it only found four viruses during testing and all of them had vague names that weren't available in any virus database online. A separate virus scan didn't turn up similar results.

While Max Spyware Detector performs assigned tasks fast and might track down viruses, it doesn't offer any advanced protection compared to other popular antivirus and antispyware programs to make itself stand out from the crowd.

Editors' note: This is a review of the full version of Max Spyware Detector The trial version is limited to 30 days.

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