Review: Max Registry Cleaner safely scans, cleans, & repairs the Windows registry

Clean and fix registry errors to speed up your PC with Max Registry Cleaner.

Max Registry Cleaner keeps your registry neat and error-free by optimizing your computer's performance in a few interesting ways. The program performs well and offers some cool scheduling features.

The program starts scanning your registry right away when you first open it. That's good, because it takes longer than you might expect to completely scan things. Once it's done, you have to upgrade to the full version if you want to do anything about your registry errors. 24x7 support and live updates are also offered with the full version. You need a phone number, e-mail, and your full name to register the full version of the product. Even if you do, deleting and fixing the problems Max Registry Cleaner finds takes a while. The program offers a well-designed and intuitive UI as well as some useful beginner tips at startup. Each option is explained well and the program is rather easy to use. You can schedule frequent cleanings to keep things tidy, and the program includes a defragmenting tool, as well. When it's cleaning, the program might push weaker processors to the limit; it slows everything else your computer does to a crawl to dedicate all of your processing power to scanning and cleaning.

Max Registry Cleaner does exactly what you would expect it to, and does it thoroughly. It is a useful tool for users who need an all-in-one Windows registry cleaner and defragmenter. The trial version won't help you fix anything it finds, however, so it will definitely find direct competition in other similar free programs available.

Editors' note: This is a review of the full version of Max Registry Cleaner The trial version has limited functionality.

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