Review: Internet Designer is a stylish app, but won't replace other calendars

Manage all of your designers and laborers with this interior design business management calendar.

Interior Designer offers a solid project management solution for businesses involved in interior design that also looks great. It lets you color code different employees and contractors and connect with your customers. However, it doesn't completely outdo other popular calendars in regards to general features.

This download sports a very modern layout that lets you manage multiple employees and tasks at once. The only way to organize them is with color-coding; you can't overlay multiple calendars over each other. Only one person can manage the calendar, which is nice for oversight but makes multitasking hard. Luckily, anyone can export the calendar to Excel, iCal, and Outlook. Interior Designer won't sync automatically, though. Google Calendar isn't directly supported, either. Since the calendar doesn't work on smartphones or tablets, that's inconvenient. You can printout your charts and schedules if everyone is in an office setting, which is nice. There are some handy economic features, too. Sadly, those don't sync with any budgeting software. If they did, it might make this program more useful for businesses.

Interior Designer performs well and could be a useful download for small interior design firms in need of a project management software. However, if you're already using Google Calendar or iCal, try the free version of this software before deciding to abandon these options as they work for employees with mobile devices.

Editors' note: This is a review of the trial version of Interior Designer 1.2.

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