Review: Full Player performs as a powerful multifunctional universal player

Play all of the media files on your computer with this easy-to-use, stylish media player.

With a neat layout, nice viewing modes, and plenty of format support, Full Player is well on its way to being the only video player you need. It's customizable and robust enough to rival even the most popular media player downloads. Its design choices might get on your nerves, though. Give it a shot to see if it's worth replacing the other media players in your life.

This download works with MOV, MP4, FLV, and other common movie formats. It features a stylish menu bar that you can change to fit multiple designs. Though you might assume Full Player would automatically be full-screen, it's not. Even though it makes your taskbar disappear, the program loads in a very small window that you have to expand. Once you do, you'll notice that many of the buttons that get to marquee features are hard to find. The download tries to have a "one-touch" interface. It's a lot like watching a video on a tablet or smartphone. Instead of all of the controls being at your fingertips, you have to actively call them up. Once you do, you'll find a suite of features that rivals other downloads. It includes contrast controls, built-in screens, and some other useful goodies. If you like watching videos like that, then you'll really love this download.

Full Player brings some neat style to the typical universal media player. But if you prefer substance over style, you might want to stick to a more familiar video player like VLC.

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