Review: Create A Diary lets you create custom diary entries & export to MS Word

Create tagged journal entries and sync with MS Word using Create A Diary.

Though it has one or two interesting features, Create A Diary doesn't offer the most appealing way to record your thoughts. It sports a woefully bad layout, questionable install, and is missing some much-needed features.

Since the program comes in an executable file, you should expect your antivirus software to flag it as suspicious. It was flagged twice during our testing. The program tries to create a shortcut in Microsoft Word, as well. Though this is just a 20-day trial version of the software, it has all of the features of the unlocked, $29.50 version. It easily creates headers, organizes your entries, and even lets you add colors to them. However, trying to figure out how to change settings or create a new entry is tough in this really crowded and not too streamlined menu. Since the program's preset file menu doesn't work, it's even tougher to save. You would expect Create A Diary to feature some sort of privacy menu, but it doesn't. You'll have to lock down the files it creates on your own if you want to keep them safe from prying eyes.

If you really don't know how to organize things in Word, Create A Diary might be the program you're looking for, but most will find the effort isn't worth it for a program that is missing some key features like keeping your private thoughts away from prying eyes.

Editors' note: This is a review of the trial version of Create A Diary 1.7.1.

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