Review: Manage secure online passwords with Kaspersky Password Manager

Make secure passwords a piece of cake with this capable shareware.

Kaspersky Password Manager helps frequent Web surfers reconcile the need for strong passwords with a bad memory--not your computer's memory but yours. With one Master Password, you can create, edit, store, and enter secure passwords and log-in data to access Web sites. It also fills in forms with a more secure auto-complete tool than most browsers offer and incorporates phishing and keylogging protection. Kaspersky Password Manager is trial-limited shareware for Windows XP to 8.

Installing and setting up Password Manager is a bit more fiddly than most software, but a Configuration Wizard walked us through the process, starting with the first step, creating a secure Master Password of appropriate strength (as rated by the program). It is vital that you do not forget your Master Password! The next step is Access Control, or how you want to use Password Manager to authorize access: via Password, USB, Bluetooth, or no authorization (not recommended, naturally!). Next we set the Locking Timeout. By default, Password Manager locks down after 10 minutes of computer inactivity, with an option to request the Master Password again. After that, we chose browser extensions. The next step is important: Kaspersky Labs recommends disabling any browser's internal password managers due to possible conflicts. After that, we imported passwords. There are yet more setup options: for example, the password templates include everything from Driver's License to Voter Card; and plug-ins are available for some unusual browsers like Flock and Yandex.

If it sounds like a lot of steps to set up Kaspersky Password Manager, the payoff comes with use, especially with the complicated multicharacter passwords many banking and commerce sites now require. Password Manager's system tray gives quick access to all necessary functions and opens the main interface, the Settings, the Password Generator, and our Accounts, Secured Memos, and Identities, once we'd added some. But that's easy, thanks to Password Manager's categorized password menu, its templates and accounts for frequently-used items, and its ability to import, export, and manage password data. We've used plenty of password managers, but few that offer as much as Kaspersky Password Manager does, or that perform as smoothly.

Editors' note: This is a review of the trial version of Kaspersky Password Manager

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