Review: Scan for deleted files with Flash & USB Recovery's free trial

Find lost files on your removable and other drives with this trial-limited shareware.

Flash & USB Recovery can help when you accidentally delete important files from your removable and external memory devices, cards, and discs. NetGate Technologies' Windows 8-ready tool scans your drives for deleted but recoverable files and recovers files with a click. It can handle all of your system's drives, including internal and external hard drives, flash drives, SD Cards, and other memory devices. Its Deep JPEG Image Scan can find long-lost image files. A Log File records your searches. Flash & USB Recovery is free to try, but file recovery is disabled in the unregistered version.

Flash & USB Recovery's no-nonsense user interface opened with our drives displayed by letter and name and separated by the controls and a progress bar from the main window. Controls are basic: Find Deleted Files and Stop Scan; plus our choice of Standard Scan or Deep JPEG Image Scan. A Recover button becomes active when there's something to select, so obviously we needed to search our drives to find something to recover. That wasn't a problem since, like many of you, we keep a USB drive around as a kind of data wheelbarrow that gets constantly filled and emptied, often with pictures from our smartphone's camera. We selected the drive and started a Standard Search. Flash & USB Recovery began returning copious results almost immediately. When the scan finished, we selected an old wallpaper file and clicked "Recover." Unfortunately, a nag screen informed us we'd have to register the program to recover files. We also ran the deep scan for images, which also turned up quite a few deleted files, though again we were unable to recover any.

Flash & USB Recovery's free trial will certainly show you which files can be found, though actually recovering them requires more than the free trial delivers. But other tools can find and recover deleted files from any of your drives, too, and some of them are completely free. We like to start with the freeware and then try the shareware if the free tools can't cut it. Flash & USB Recovery belongs on your list--just not at the top.

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