Review: Younity bridges gaps between device storage, cloud computing, & social

Share your files between devices and with friends with this social-oriented app.

Younity is a combination of file sharing, social sharing, and cloud storage that works on many levels, though with some reservations due to the setup requirements. While it doesn't offer centralized storage like a cloud tool, it facilitates active, real-time transfer of files between devices running the Younity app to give you universal access to those files, and the results are mostly good.

For Younity to be useful, it needs to be first installed on every device on which you want to share files, including desktop computers. This will take a few minutes to do, and if you want to share with friends, they will need to download it, as well. The restrictions here are binding, and because registration is required, it may not be a perfect solution for every potential file transfer. Once everything is set up, however, you can move files between computers and devices, share them with friends over Younity, or via Facebook if you connect it, and even see files on your devices as you would in a cloud storage tool. While online storage is not the key feature here, the layout uses the same functions as similar tools and it is all free.

If you need to share music, movies, photos or other media files between iOS and desktop devices, or if you want to share those files with friends and family while on the go, Younity provides a feature-rich alternative to some other space-limited or high-cost options currently on the App Store.

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