Review: Tunebash combines several, common music discovery and curation tools

ID tracks, share music preferences, and play music in this one-of-a-kind iOS app.

Tunebash combines many of the most popular features from other music discovery and curation apps to create a fun, easy-to-use music-social experience on your iOS device. Tunebash offers a range of different options from music matching to finding new playlists and sharing them with friends.

The basic interface for Tunebash is well designed, and when you first open it you will be presented with a short, onscreen tutorial that shows you exactly what each button does. Even without this tutorial, the app is easy to use and responsive, connecting you with fellow Tunebash users, either with their own accounts or who have connected through Facebook. You can choose from popular artists, read news about music from around the world, search by hashtag or popular tags and playlists, or create your own playlists and share them with people in the app or over social networks. Tunebash also integrates event listings with location monitoring to help you find nearby events, quickly. All of this works quite well, with some occasionally unresponsive controls, but nothing so bad as to take away from the general experience.

If you are looking for a new music discovery app to augment or replace what you use now, consider Tunebash. It is free, offers numerous options for finding new tracks and interacting with friends, and is smartly designed to make playing and sharing music easy and fun.

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