Review: The Bible: Free Book for Kids presents Bible stories in a fun way

Watch or read classic Bible scenes in this interactive children's app.

The Bible: Free Book for Kids is a good app, with solid production values and fun, colorful presentation of classic stories; but it is often bogged down by its trial limitations. With too many ads and upgrade buttons onscreen, combined with often confusing menus and options, it could easily become a frustrating experience for the young children it is designed to entertain.

The Bible: Free Book for Kids presents many major stories of the Bible in colorful, narrated, and animated vignettes that can be played, read aloud, or narrated by the app. This provides a number of ways by which children can interact with the content. However, most stories are fairly short, and can hang up or stall between transitions. The menus are often unresponsive, as well, stalling between taps and forcing you to hit them multiple times. The result is an app that doesn't always do as you want, and a narration process that is stilted and stalled at times. Reading aloud works well, but it has similar performance issues.

One of the more glaring issues with this app, however, is the trial restrictions. With large buttons for upgrading and ads across the page, it presents too many accidental ad-click opportunities for children. The app even starts on a screen loaded with additional apps for download from this publisher. The stories and production value in The Bible: Free Book for Kids are quite good, but the app could use some improvements.

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