Review: Spin the Bottle - Party Games brings the spicy game to your iOS device

Spin the digital bottle and the app will automatically present questions for the lucky "landee."

Spin the Bottle - Party Games is a faithful digital rendition of the classic party game, combining a fairly accurate spinning bottle mechanic with a series of revealing questions. While options for changing questions or the spin mechanic are missing, the basic interface looks and feels like classic Spin the Bottle, perfect for anyone without an empty bottle on hand.

To use Spin the Bottle: Party Games, you place two fingers on the screen and twist them. The harder you twist, the faster the bottle spins. It will then stop on one of the four colored quadrants. While this is perfect if there are four players, you'll need to be more diligent with more players because of how the bottle points when it is done. After the bottle stops, a question automatically pops up asking something personally revealing. Most questions are fairly adult oriented so this is not a game for children, but they are not overly explicit either, so it doesn't need to be hidden or deleted after use.

While the core app only comes with 20 questions, it is free and the paid upgrades are reserved for question packs, of which there are three. This is a good way to price the app because it only charges those who actively use it. If you enjoy Spin the Bottle, you'll likely find yourself using this quite a bit, and the question packs expand its use many times over.

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