Review: Photo Reflect adds numerous effects to your photos

Add reflections and other effects to your photos for future use.

Photo Reflect combines a number of popular filters into a single interface to help you create varying levels of reflection in your images. The result is an effective photo filtering app that falls short in other areas, such as sharing and additional editing tools. For those who want finer control over the reflections added to their images, it is a useful app; but for many others, it is a single function app that likely won't be opened too often.

The app opens directly to the editing screen where you can take a photo or choose an existing one from your library and start editing. After you choose an image, you can select one of many filters below the image and then adjust the degree of shadow, reflection, or tilt you place on the image. Not all filters overlap and the tutorial can often get in the way as you try to make these changes, but they generally work quite well. The major issue with Photo Reflect is not the core functions, but the lack of social and sharing tools that we have come to expect in photo editing apps. You can only share to your library for later or copy for SMS messaging, not useful for most heavy photo editors.

If you are eager for a photo reflection editor that offers more options than the standard photo editing tool, check out Photo Reflect. For anyone else interested in a more general photo editor or one with the sharing features needed to take it to the next level, this probably won't get the job done.

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