Review: PC Files connects your iOS device to your desktop for file sharing

Share files between PC and iOS devices with a dual combination of apps.

PC Files offers a unique tool for transferring files between a PC and iOS device, but with enough extra steps that it's hard to justify leaving alternatives like cloud storage or Bluetooth transfer behind. Considering the second client required on your desktop and the limited storage interface on your iOS device, there are quite a few solutions that offer more flexible methods for sharing those files.

After downloading PC Files, the first step is to install the companion app on your desktop. From there, you can set up both apps to transfer select files between devices. The process is fairly straightforward and works as intended, but the extra steps involved feel unnecessary. Additionally, the saved files menu doesn't allow you to create folders or sort files by type or location and you cannot move files from your iPad unless they were previously saved using PC Files. The result is a tool that essentially only works in one direction and makes it even harder to share those same files with another person if you visit their home.

If you want to share files between your PC and iOS device, there are many free options for doing so, including dozens of cloud storage tools and Bluetooth or wireless network browsers that transfer files without need for a desktop app. PC Files works as intended, but it creates many unnecessary obstacles that can be at times frustrating. We recommend avoiding this app unless you have no alternatives or would prefer not to store files in the cloud.

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