Review: My Document opens and reads various forms of documents

Download, read, and share files with this inclusive, but buggy app.

My Document is designed to open and read any type of document, but the interface is needlessly jumbled, and with crashes at multiple points, the app needs some additional work. When working properly, My Document does what it advertises, opening files in nearly any format from your device, downloaded from the Internet, or on a playlist you have created. But most of the time it does not work properly and some of the features are either unnecessary or oddly placed.

The home screen for My Document is a blank menu where playlists will eventually go. It's not immediately clear why there are playlists, what you are intended to add to them, or how to do so. As it turns out, you can download files from the browser to your device and then add them to playlists, a process that takes an unnecessarily long time and often leads to a crash or freeze of the app. Doing nearly anything--from copying a file to opening or adding it to a list--takes multiple menu entries, and there are additional menus like "News" that have no real purpose in the app, and that also freeze it up at times.

From top to bottom My Document is a frustrating, unfinished app that freezes up, crashes, and forces you through dozens of unnecessary steps to get anything done. While it will open many files, as promised, it is unlikely that you'll opt to keep this unimpressive app.

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