Review: Instapull takes images from Instagram to your iOS device

Download and save Instagram photos from anyone's accounts.

There are millions if not billions of photos on Instagram, and Instapull allows you to take any of them and store them on your iOS device, quickly and easily. The app has a very simple interface and while it takes a minute to set up and requires a connection to your Instagram account, it works very quickly to download your files off of the Web-based network to your device.

Whether you want an offline backup for your Instagram photos or would like to download images from someone you follow or whose pictures you enjoy seeing, Instapull is a decent app. When you open it, you will connect your Instagram account and then choose to pull from your own photos, those of people you follow, or those of your friends. You can then download images to your iOS device for storage in your own photo library. The process is relatively quick, though because it occurs wirelessly it can be time consuming. You'll also want to consider the rights issues of the images you download if they are not yours.

Instapull has limited uses and few features beyond its core tools for downloading images from the Instagram network. However, if you need to remove large volumes of images from Instagram or would like to store from your friends or family for later, then this is a useful tool to have, and it works quite well.

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