Review: iFileExpress provides a desktop-to-iOS device file transfer tool

Transfer files between your desktop and iOS devices when plugged in.

The purpose of iFileExpress is to make transferring files between your iOS devices and Mac or PC easier. However, by requiring tethered file transfers through iTunes or the iFileExpress desktop client, the service lags behind some other wireless options. It is more secure, but the setup and execution of the software will make it a second or even third choice for many iOS users.

The app opens with a full tutorial for how to use it. For the most part, you will need to have already installed iFileExpress on your PC or Mac, or you can set it up in iTunes using the file browser on your iPad or iPhone. The app will then facilitate moving and browsing files that have been transferred from your computer. This all works quite well, is very fast with a USB 3.0 connection, and is secure in ways that wireless transfers are not. However, because of the requirement for tethering and software on the computer, the process is cumbersome for transferring to someone else's computer or device.

If you need a wired, more secure solution for file transfer between your iOS devices and desktop computer, iFileExpress does the job quite well. However, for those in a rush or that would prefer a wireless option, there are quite a few solutions that do much better in a sleeker, easier-to-use package.

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