Review: EyeFly3D Img promises 3D image creation and viewing

Attempt to view or create 3D images with this promising, but ultimately broken app.

EyeFly3D Img is designed to display and help you create 3D images on the iPhone, but whether due to technical limitations or early software bugs, it does not work properly in its current form. While existing photos show up in the sample folders and you can see how the process is performed to create them, neither of the functions--display or creation--quite works as intended, and the effect is disappointing.

When you first open EyeFly3D Img you can choose between viewing the sample 3D images or creating your own, both requiring the thin film from EyeFly3D to turn your iPhone's display into one that displays glasses-free 3D. If you choose to create your own, you'll receive a message stating that this option is not yet available. If you opt to view the sample images, you can view thumbnails but the app stops working properly when viewing the image at full screen size. With so many issues, it's hard to know what the goal of this app is, but it seems clear that it's just not ready for prime time yet.

If you are interested in a 3D imaging app for your iPhone, this is not it. With unclear labels, a defective interface, and features not yet finished or properly tested, the app offers little or no benefits to its users, even if it is free.

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