Review: Dual Browser provides a unique dual-screen browsing experience

View two pages at once on your iPad with this unique take on Web browsing.

Dual Browser is designed to show two pages at once on your iPad's screen, a function that can be quite handy if you are filling forms or working on a Web site. On one hand, the interface is unique and intelligently designed; on the other hand the browser fails to provide some of the more robust features that iOS Web browsers have become well known for, weakening the overall experience.

Dual Browser opens, appropriately enough, in dual browsing mode. Both of the browsers onscreen (when in portrait mode) are a decent size, especially on a full-sized 9.7" iPad. They also both support tabbed browsing for additional display space and the menu bars can be removed by tapping the small button in the top-left corner. Combined with bookmark support, history, and other built-in navigation tools, as well as no ads in the Lite version, Dual Browser is a well-made app. However, we found performance sub-par on most speed tests, especially when running two resource hungry pages at a time. The browser also does not integrate with sharing tools and e-mail often opened in-app, an issue that can be confusing when switching between windows.

If you are interested in a dual-browsing experience, this is a good app to try out, especially the Lite version. Well crafted and easy to use, it provides a new way to view the Web. The browsing experience, itself, could use some upgrades and tweaks to overcome bugs, but for basic browsing it works as expected.

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