Review: Digital Camera & Flash Light provide two core tools but few features

Take photos or use the screen as a flashlight in this straightforward iOS app.

Digital Camera & Flash Light provides two very basic functions that every iPhone user will appreciate, but in very bare-bones packages that do little to enhance existing tools or apps. The digital camera component is barely an upgrade over the built-in camera and with unnecessary extra menus to boot, while the flashlight is the same as many other free tools in the same field but with no color options.

Your first choice when opening the app is to open either the digital camera portion or the flashlight. In both cases, options are minimal but required before you can use the tool it describes. For example, you can choose to add a time and date stamp to your photos, a tool that makes them look more like traditional digital photos. However, the option is something you'll need to set every time you take a photo, instead of it being built into a camera interface. The same is true for the flashlight, which turns the entire screen white at high brightness for a mild flashlight effect. Both app tools are useful, but only in limited situations and rarely in a way that other apps cannot also provide.

If you need a basic front-facing flashlight with strobe light effect or would like to date and time stamp a handful of photos you take with your iPhone's camera, consider downloading Digital Camera & Flash Light. Otherwise, stick with the tools already on your phone.

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