Review: Clipster guides you in creating automatic, high quality videos to share

Create short, poignant clips with the automated processes in this guided iOS app.

Clipster is a combination of social video creation and tutorial tool, streamlining the process of making videos while giving you enough tools to make them unique to your personality and vision. The result is an easy-to-use app that helps you craft engaging videos in just a few quick seconds, while building a library of clips you can use for future videos.

Clipster starts with a fairly basic but comprehensive five-part tutorial, walking you through how to create your first clips. You can then either use the existing clips that Clipster loads with or start recording your own right away. Recording a clip is simple--just record as much video as you want or load a video from your library and then select the two-second stretch you want to use for your clip. For each video you load, you can choose more than one two-second clip, so don't feel like you need to get it right every time. Once you create those clips, you can patch them together into streamlined clips, complete with music, introductions, and a fade out, before uploading those clips to your favorite social networks. The app does have some performance issues, slowing down at times, but overall it is a very responsive, easy-to-use video editor.

If you want a straightforward video editor that will help you create clips of any length to share with your friends and family, Clipster is a good one to experiment with. It is not a perfect app and it lacks many of the large-scale features you'll find in more robust tools; but for casual use it is a strong performer.

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