Review: Write SMS by Voice lives up to its name, but is infested with ads

Compose texts with only your voice using Write SMS by Voice.

Write SMS by Voice is designed to help you text without using your hands, but it comes with plenty of strings attached. First, you have to deal with dozens of ads before you even get to the app's menu. What's even worse is that this application makes you actually use your hands to finish the text.

Before you even get to the app's menu, you have to wade through four different ad agreements. Even if you don't agree, Write SMS by Voice still slams you with ads in your status bar before you can even start browsing its features. Once you finally get to use the app, you won't be impressed. First, it uses Google's own voice input methods to create your texts. You can use that without needing to download this app. Second, you need to actually press a button to not only start the text, but also to confirm and send it, too. Isn't the whole point to not have to fiddle with buttons while you're distracted or have dirty hands?

It would be a little easier to forgive this app if it had a revolutionary service tucked under all those ads. Since it doesn't, Write SMS by Voice is an app you can skip. Stick with the default service in Android or find a third-party solution like Dragon or one of the Siri clones you can find in the Play Store.

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