Review: Secret Sms will hide your texts, but only if you pony up

Hide private text messages from snooping eyes with Secret Sms.

Secret Sms hides your texts from prying eyes, but it comes with a nominal fee. Since the app is prone to lagging performance and comes with a few questionable design choices, that's a very tough sell.

The app hides from your app locker, so you have to use the secret code to access it. That's a better solution than the ones presented in some similar apps that hide in plain sight and raise suspicion. To open the app, you have to dial a fake phone number that you set and then enter your pass code. You can change both of these from Secret Sms's menu. That is, unless the app stops responding to your taps, which it frequently did during our tests. The app is only fully unlocked for a few minutes after downloading, and then it hides behind a $1.30 paywall. Paying up removes the ads, which is a noticeable improvement. While the app hides texts successfully, it would be a nice addition if it could hide contacts, apps, or pictures like other private locker apps do.

Overall, Secret Sms performs well but it hardly rivals other alternatives, such as Hide It Pro, which offer more features without payment or pop-up ads.

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