Review: Schemes - Scheduled Networking schedules texts, tweets, and updates

Send messages to all of your friends on a schedule with this gorgeous app.

Schemes - Scheduled Networking can help you schedule text messages, Facebook updates, tweets, and much more. If it gave notifications when it sent a text, it would be the perfect solution to scheduling messages. As it is now, it's still an awesome, stylish way to do it.

The app's gorgeous interface fits right in with Android's style. It almost looks like it was designed by Google, itself. In order to gain access to your Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ account, you have to actually log in, not just approve the app. Once you've done that, you can send messages to multiple accounts or just one with a simple check box. You can schedule messages all the way to December 31, 2100. However, your phone has to actually be on for the message to send. Schemes - Scheduled Networking won't give you any sort of notification when the message has been sent, but you can double-check in each individual app to make sure. That's really the only downside to this app. It worked flawlessly during testing, with no delivery issues, which could make it easier over time to trust that the message was sent.

Schemes - Scheduled Networking works seamlessly and is presented in a package that is very easy on the eyes. If you need to schedule a text or message, this app is the way to do it.

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