Review: HD welcomes users with all the decorating fun and no ads

Add neat frames and stickers to any of your smartphone's photos using HD.

Unlike most apps of its ilk, HD is an ad-free framing app that really works. There aren't many downsides that come with these great, high resolution frames. You will have to pay a pretty penny to unlock them all, but the free app has a lot on offer if you choose not to upgrade.

There are about 50 or so frames in each of this app's seven categories. About one-third of the app's frames are locked behind a paywall that will cost you $5 (or $1 per category) to lift, but you shouldn't bother. The free frames are varied and nice enough to keep you happy. You can also set stickers and Bokeh filters, but they're not terribly customizable. The filters have sliders that don't seem to actually do anything. The frames are hosted online, so each one has to download when you select it. That takes a few seconds to do. If you want to take a picture from HD, there's no built-in camera for you to do it. You'll need another camera app. A more welcome exclusion from the app is advertising. You won't find any ads, even when you close the app. HD does just about everything you want, and does it well. In addition to smooth performance and lots of frames, the simple fact that it doesn't have any ads is a welcome treat. This application is a suitable download for any user who likes to decorate photos on their mobile gadget.

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