Review: Photo Collage Creator creates great collages, but takes some effort

Turn your photos into a neat collage to share with friends using Photo Collage Creator.

Photo Collage Creator features dozens of great frames, borders, and editing effects to show off your photos. However, it's a little hard to use and even harder to dodge its incessant ads.

The app makes you submit to not one, but two different ad agreements before you can use it. It has pop-up ads that are nearly impossible to close without an accidental tap or two, as well. You are rewarded with dozens of different frames for your collage once you make it through the ads, though. There are plenty of effects and borders you can use on each photo, individually. However, there isn't a simple back button to reverse a change once you do it. If you start resizing the photo borders, it becomes even tougher. You're probably better off just restarting Photo Collage Creator entirely instead of trying to fix it. However, once you restart, you have to put up with even more ads. If you're using a collage app to skip doing these edits individually, that might ruin it for you. If it doesn't, the invasive ads probably will.

Photo Collage Creator brings plenty of cool features to the table, but it has some unnecessary baggage, too. It isn't a bad app by any means; it's just too bogged down with ads that might spoil your overall experience. Since there's no pro version, there's no way to get around them.

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