Review: Photo Collage lets you take and create cute photos, but not collages

Put sticks, borders, and other neat edits onto your favorite photos with Photo Collage.

Though Photo Collage doesn't let you create any actual collages, this misnamed app offers a fun way to customize your photos with all sorts of borders and stickers. There are plenty of weird quirks, but the sheer number of options you have, make this application worth exploring.

Whenever you load the app, it makes you sit through an animated opening sequence. This wouldn't normally be notable, but Photo Collage's lasts for almost a minute. It's really bothersome if you frequently open and close the app. The app's built-in camera lets you put a border right on your shot so you can align it perfectly. That's the best way to add pictures to this app, since pulling in photos you already have sometimes makes the app crash. When it doesn't, the app randomly zooms into a small fraction of your photo instead of letting you edit the whole thing. You can't do many edits or retouches to your photo, but the app does present tons of stickers you can slide onto your shots. There are easily a hundred different stickers to choose from. You can add text and other decorative goodies, too.

Once you get past some of the weird crashes, the app can be plenty of fun. Photo Collage won't replace dedicated photo editors or even collage-making apps, but it will help you add some cuteness to your photos.

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