Review: My Photo Sticker decorates photos and turns them into funny stickers

Slap cute stickers on your smartphone's photos and share them online using My Photo Sticker.

My Photo Sticker lets you apply some Kawaii to all of your photos and turn them into fun stickers. It's easy to get started right away in the app, but you can't do much right out of the gates. The cost to unlock most of the app's goodies isn't too high, though.

Though the app boasts dozens of stickers, most of them are locked behind a paywall. It only costs a dollar to unlock everything, which is a good price. If you don't mind your choices being limited, you can still use everything else the app has to offer without having to deal with ads. My Photo Sticker doesn't offer a built-in camera to let you snap new photos, but it does let you share any creations you produce to multiple social networks. Once you pick your stickers, you can resize and rotate them however you want, too. The app doesn't offer many options if you aren't into the cute, Asian-inspired designs that you'd expect in a Hello Kitty app. Even its layout is covered in pink fringe.

My Photo Sticker offers a surprisingly great value since it only costs a buck to unlock everything. If that's worth it to you to create sticker-covered pictures, then download this app. Its smooth design and quick performance are tough to top for silly photo apps.

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